Isabella Bruno

I'm an exhibition designer. I'm a big fan of great storytelling and my favorite medium is space. 
Exhibitions are immersive and transporting experiences for the visitor... but they start out as
complex webs of content, architecture, research, communication design, objects, and video.
I love taking the mess and making something clear and inspiring from it. Together we can
identify needs and empathize with users—both visitors and staff—distill the essence and
design an innovative, meaningful, participatory solution.


• Clarity out of chaos (Collaboration, discovery and strategy)
• Having a bird's eye view (Conceptual vision across multiple disciplines)
• Digging into the good stuff (Discovering visitor and staff unarticulated needs)
• Penny-pinching (Scalable design solutions for different budgets)
• Putting it on a pedestal (Design from concept all the way to the details)