Empty Space Madlibs in New Orleans
Empty Space Madlibs in Detroit
My 2¢

A street fair stand that reuses a shipping container to promote local business growth. For visitors to the market, my 2¢ / a professional advice space is the co-working platform that delivers accessibility, quality and connection by encouraging openness and communication in its business approach and built environment. For small business owners: No matter what your profession is, you are not busy 100 percent of the time. You can dedicate that time to helping the community by donating your professional services. At the same time you are building your client roster. Who better to sell yourself than you, directly to your community! It is also a way to get people in the community over the hurdle of trying a new service and in the process, supporting local business.

Call to Action!

This traveling exhibition–intended to travel before the 2010 Census–educates people
about the census and encourages participation and action in your local community.
The goals foster the ACLU’s mission for immigrant, voter and democratic rights.
Set up as a traveling exhibition in public spaces around the country, the target
audience is primarily Hispanic lower income residents and secondarily, gay married
couples, but all visitors are welcome. The demographic focus is determined
by previous under-counting in these target populations and their need for increased
representation. This exhibition engages people in communal and personal experiences
designed to entertain as well as to educate.


This might be better to present without words.