Live Through This

An exhibition showcasing photographer Dese’Rae L. Stage’s ongoing portrait
and oral history series on suicide attempt survivors. Attempt survivors are
a group forced into anonymity, shamed, and stigmatized by a society misinformed
about emotional trauma and resulting preventable deaths. The design peels back
the cloak of anonymity and builds awareness surrounding the taboo topic of suicide.
It revealed new portraits and prompted interaction around the issue with a
unconventional guided tour, an online game called “Depression Quest” (which simulates
life with depression, for those unfamiliar), audio of subjects’ interviews, and talks.

If You Build It

No Longer Empty (NLE) was commissioned to create "If You Build It,"
a mutli-level art exhibition for the inaugural opening of their development
in Sugar Hill, Harlem. Working with new construction posed a new set
of challenges for NLE, an organization that has mastered temporary art
and community engagement projects in raw spaces. The exhibition identity
had to reiterate the existing NLE identity, while also being unique to
the nature of the current project. We incorporated the existing "ribbons"
and color palette of NLE, which contrasted well with the dark-toned materials
of the new building. The identity included a lock-up for the exhibition title
and an abstract pattern for various scales, from environmental graphics
to hand-held materials. NLE produces extensive social and educational
programming, which require flexible templates for last-minute changes in-house.
Way-finding focused on egress in order to encourage visitors to experience
the building and wander between artworks.

Photos of the entire exhibition available here.

Bi-lingual artwork labels

Artwork labels designed for Abreaction 2: Muscle Memory 
in the Middle East and the Caucasus at Freeman Space,
July 10–23, 2014. Curated by Caroline Partamian in collaboration
with Isabella Bruno. The design intention was to evenly weigh
the artist statement in their native language and English
translation with an elegant solution encouraging visitor interaction.



Artwork label in Arabic and English translation from BRUNO on Vimeo.

Moviehouse NOLA

Moviehouse NOLA was a pop-up museum-quality exhibition in downtown New Orleans
(Nov 2013-Feb 2014). The pop-up exhibition, geared towards anyone who loves the movies,
tells the stories of the forgotten movie palaces that once made New Orleans "the Broadway
of the South." We brought together historical renderings, artifacts, signage, and ephemera
alongside contemporary art, to explore the impact these spaces had and continue to have
on New Orleans’ cultural landscape. Viewers interacted with hands-on displays and immersive
oral history collections, while the location itself, only a few blocks from Canal Street, continued
the story both before and after a visit. This project was a soup-to-nuts endeavor between
BRUNO and Pelican Bomb.

Visit the exhibition website with a map of movie theater locations and more: Moviehouse Nola

Watch oral histories recorded before the exhibition and on-site from visitors.

Press: News segment from WGNO's "News with a Twist with 'Wild Bill' Woods" 





Freelance design work at Christie's, an art business and a fine arts
auction house located in Rockefeller Center. Included are the logo
for Forever Christie's brand in China, exhibition signage for various
exhibitions (including the collection of Robert Shapazian mentioned
in New York Times' Fall auction overview), and print work examples
from the International Highlights catalogue.

My 2¢

A street fair stand that reuses a shipping container to promote local business growth. For visitors to the market, my 2¢ / a professional advice space is the co-working platform that delivers accessibility, quality and connection by encouraging openness and communication in its business approach and built environment. For small business owners: No matter what your profession is, you are not busy 100 percent of the time. You can dedicate that time to helping the community by donating your professional services. At the same time you are building your client roster. Who better to sell yourself than you, directly to your community! It is also a way to get people in the community over the hurdle of trying a new service and in the process, supporting local business.

Call to Action!

This traveling exhibition–intended to travel before the 2010 Census–educates people
about the census and encourages participation and action in your local community.
The goals foster the ACLU’s mission for immigrant, voter and democratic rights.
Set up as a traveling exhibition in public spaces around the country, the target
audience is primarily Hispanic lower income residents and secondarily, gay married
couples, but all visitors are welcome. The demographic focus is determined
by previous under-counting in these target populations and their need for increased
representation. This exhibition engages people in communal and personal experiences
designed to entertain as well as to educate.

National Museum of the American Indian
A museum way-finding and signage design focused on distinguishing a historic landmark building–the U.S. Customs House in downtown Manhattan–with the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian’s mission and identity. The distinct program of each institution is defined by identifying spatial perimeters with color. The design acknowledges the metaphorical contradiction of siting a museum within a space historically related to oppression by encouraging visitors to “talk back” to the museum by writing on the wall.
About Face

“About Face” exhibition was presented by No Longer Empty, a non-profit that orchestrates public art exhibitions in vacated storefronts and properties. The project involved artwork labels, wall text, web and print invites, storefront graphics, and print collateral. In addition, No Longer Empty required a new family of organizational materials: each directed to a different audience, but occasionally used together.

Tim Soter

Promo for photographer Tim Soter.

Fleet Moves

Logo and promotional design for Fleet Moves, a festival of motion in Wellfleet, Massachussets. Dedicated to the exploration and celebration of all types of movement, Fleet Moves features the work of emerging and seasoned choreographers and blends traditional elements of dance with other rhythms and forms of virtuosity already occurring in Wellfleet. Our identity for Fleet Moves captured the range of the festival, which includes a visual art exhibition, all-day programming, daily classes for all ages, indoor and outdoor performances, film screenings, and a closing night dance party. We worked with fesitval organizers to craft an overall budget, fundraising plan, and guide their marketing, realizing a resounding success with over 1,000 participants over 4 days.


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